I love classic Harley Quinn. My favorite version of her.

I know there is a big difference from the first video to this, we setup the camera on a tripod this time and my son was asleep – also there is a lot of progress the day before I forgot to setup the camera to time-lapse the initial hull creation. Enjoy!

Here is part one of the time-lapse videos. I apologize for the shakiness of the video, trying to assemble a Helicarrier with a 3 year old who is extremely excited makes for some shaky videos.


Pulled out my moleskin again, life got busy and work got busy so I have not really posted anything since 2013! I am hoping to challenge myself again and finish my moleskin that I started last year. What a good way to start the moleskin by having HULK SMASH the creative block I have been having! Enjoy and more to come!

Superman quick sketch and a brainiac sketch as well on one page. I am looking forward to the new Superman movie, as far as all superheroes my favorite is Superman.

Again, a huge delay since my last doodle and sketch I am sorry about that. I feel as though I am letting you all down. I am trying to designate some time to my children’s book and drawing every night but work and real life activities have been taking over. I wish I could hit the lotto and retire and do this full time, that would be something.

We are drawing near to Thanksgiving so I have some time off during this week so maybe I will get in some doodles and sketches that I can share. I was feeling retro again and going back to the 80s Cartoon theme so here we go: She-Ra Princess of Power, if you want to watch the classic episodes check them out on Hulu.

She-Ra, Princess of Power

She-Ra, Princess of Power

Another quick iPad doodle, this time it is of the Man of Steel

Superhero or Villain inspired by Phoenix, let’s call her Firestarter.

Forgot to post this yesterday – was running around doing the dreaded Christmas Shopping. Some of you might have seen a preview of this sketch on Sunday, here it is in full. Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman: Susan Storm. Enjoy!