For today’s Sketch of the Day we have a Jetsons inspired sketch doodle. I was a huge fan of the classic 80’s cartoon The Jetsons. I pay homage to it with today’s Sketch of the Day. Enjoy!

Christmas is coming quick and I am really behind on getting this moleskin filled before then. I do not remember where I was recently but I saw an old school coin operated machine that was out side of a convenient store. Remember those things? The little death traps that your parents would put you in and it would rock back and forth, you would pretend you were a superhero or a firefighter on your way to some great adventure or to save the lives of millions from a burning building. This little contraption got my creative juices flowing and I created my own rocket ship. What are some of your tales of wonder?

I am slacking and I fear that I will not finish this moleskin before Christmas so I can get a new one. I need suggestions and ideas to get my creative juices flowing. Here is an alien studying a star map to Earth, it is not festive but it is something. Maybe he is planning a trip to Earth to find Santa Clause?


Been watching a lot of science fiction movies lately, and a lot of Dr. Who. So I figured an astronaut is in order…but what is he afraid of? What is stalking him in the depths of space…..

Sorry for the lack of posting the last couple days. Got busy at work and doing some commission work, also getting busy with the newborn on the way. So tonight I post two Aerobots. Father and Son and looking into the sky!


Continuing with my Aerobot series – since last night I worked on commission work I just had time to do this one. I will catch up this week on other ideas and scan in some of my other doodles that I have been doing with the Brush Pen. I hope you enjoy and check back soon!

Happy Saturday! The weekend is finally here! Here is another Aerobot, who says Robots cannot get fat. This one surprisingly noticed that he has feet, well what are feet to Aerobots. Enjoy and be sure to check back on the other Aerobot’s ┬áin this series: Flower Child, (my personal favorite) It Spins, Contemplating the Universe, Hairdo, and the one that started it all…Big Aerobot and Little Aerobot.

This weeks Illustration Friday topic is Brigade, keeping with my theme of robots the past few days why not have a Robot Brigade!

Just some random doodling going on tonight, thinking of Space and wondering if we will ever go back and explore it. Also how sad it is to think that as a kid you always dreamed about going to space and becoming an astronaut and now that dream is gone with the space program down. How exciting it was to explore space. We need to get back there.

My wife and I are having our first child in January and we are thinking nursery themes and we keep leaning toward robots. I love robots and she loves robots, I mean our wedding cake topper was robots! So been doodling some robots and possibly thinking of doing some decals on the walls and paintings on the walls.