This weeks Illustration Friday topic is Brigade, keeping with my theme of robots the past few days why not have a Robot Brigade!

Continuing with my series of the Aerobots. If you missed the other two check them out, Big Robot and Little Robot and Hairdo. My wife came up with naming them Aerobots but I am looking to find something more playful and whimsical. For now I will call them Aerobots. Enjoy and more to come!

Another quick line gesture drawing of these strange and wonderful creatures that are being created. I forgot how much fun line gestures are. Of course these line gesture creatures are really inspiring me for my upcoming writing project. I might take these creatures and create a small Dr. Seuss style world, something to think about.

Worked on some quick gesture drawing style doodles. Something quick and focus on just quick lines. I will scan the rest of these guys this week. It was fun and I liked the outcome…for now. Enjoy!

I am working on a children’s book that is robot and science fiction themed, I am moving away from the classic fantasy for the moment, I feel that there is not enough science fiction themed children’s books. While writing I am reminded of the Space Ark from my childhood. A bunch of friends and myself always thought it would be awesome to build a space ark for the upcoming apocalypse and take on it a select few – just like Noah and his ark but more selective.

This is my vision of the Space Ark. Enjoy!

My wife and I are having our first child in January and we are thinking nursery themes and we keep leaning toward robots. I love robots and she loves robots, I mean our wedding cake topper was robots! So been doodling some robots and possibly thinking of doing some decals on the walls and paintings on the walls.

There was a small turnout tonight for the Capital District Drink and Draw, but there was still some sketching and doodling that happened tonight!

A robot walking robots, hey it can happen. If humans can walk dogs why not.

I know that my sketch blog has been slow lately. Had this creative block that stalled me for a while. Last night and this morning my brain started churning the wheels of creativity. Started out this morning with a quick 5 minute doodle of stuff, mostly robots, but hey its something.

I am getting excited for the upcoming Drink and Draw that is being held this week! There is a big turn out and should be a blast! Lately I have been doing a lot of doodles and sketches on the iPad I figured I get back to my old roots and bring back the moleskin. I am on the last few pages (literally 3 left) of this moleskin and I need to crack open a new sketchbook soon. What better way to get back into doodling than with robots, I haven’t drawn a robot in a while.