It has been a long time. A lot has been going on with me, life got in the way of a lot of things hence the lack of doodling and sketching. I am hoping to really get back into sketching and being creative again but here is a start and I know I got a lot of doodling to catch up on so be prepared.

But I will leave you with a Dalek doodle this morning! EXTERMINATE! 


Don’t ask me why the name of this post is Robot 56 it just came to mind when I saved the file.

Getting really close to Christmas I do not think I will make it in terms of finishing this sketchbook. Here is a quick sketch of what I would look like as a robot.

Took a break today to make some turkey soup with the leftover carcass from yesterday. What better than to doodle a robot bird – I know it should be a robot turkey but a bird is easier to do.

Continuing with the Saturday Morning Cartoon tribute we go with the Transformers!

I will leave you with a quote from Optimus Prime: “Autobots, transform and roll out!”

Sorry for the lack of posting the last couple days. Got busy at work and doing some commission work, also getting busy with the newborn on the way. So tonight I post two Aerobots. Father and Son and looking into the sky!


Continuing with my Aerobot series – since last night I worked on commission work I just had time to do this one. I will catch up this week on other ideas and scan in some of my other doodles that I have been doing with the Brush Pen. I hope you enjoy and check back soon!

Happy Saturday! The weekend is finally here! Here is another Aerobot, who says Robots cannot get fat. This one surprisingly noticed that he has feet, well what are feet to Aerobots. Enjoy and be sure to check back on the other Aerobot’s  in this series: Flower Child, (my personal favorite) It Spins, Contemplating the Universe, Hairdo, and the one that started it all…Big Aerobot and Little Aerobot.

I know I worked on some gesture drawing last night, I do not want to disappoint my fans by not putting up another Aerobot doodle. This one is my favorite so far, makes me laugh that the little things in the Aerobot’s life amuses it. Maybe can learn from them and look at the little things in life and enjoy them. Enjoy!