Life always gets in the way of all my personal projects. It has been a while but I have finally decided to carve out at least an hour a day to work on my children’s book project that has been sitting dormant for a few years now. It was nice the other night I sat down and worked for over 3 hours on developing new content and working on expanding the universe that the books are based in. Excited and hope to keep the momentum going.


It has been a while since I posted anything since I redesigned the site, I have mainly been posting things on my Facebook┬áI have been sketching just haven’t found the time to really get it on the blog. Here you go! Trying to scan all my stuff, been finding it easier to just take a picture and post on Facebook.

Enjoy! More to come!

 Nothing special just a quick warm up of some cartoon character doodles. Keeping the marker flowing, the moleskin pages filled and the ideas working.

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  Watching Vikings finally as it is on HuluPlus. Only on episode two but enjoying it. What better way to celebrate the viewing by drawing a Viking warrior. 


I have been working on Lego projects recently but I have a few sketches to post, be on the lookout.


Even though I am building the Helicarrier I still find some time to doodle and sketch to keep up my finish the moleskin challenge!

Could be allergies, or the strange dreams of being chased by zombies and trying to save survivors all night. But here is a quickie this morning. Need coffee.


We have had some crazy Fall-like weather here in New York so what better way to celebrate it than with a Halloween Sketch/Doodle of Frankenstein!


Pulled out my moleskin again, life got busy and work got busy so I have not really posted anything since 2013! I am hoping to challenge myself again and finish my moleskin that I started last year. What a good way to start the moleskin by having HULK SMASH the creative block I have been having! Enjoy and more to come!