I am a huge fan of Day of The Tentacle, so you can imagine how excited I was to relive the classic remastered! I picked it up on Steam and PS4 and played through it twice – even played with the original graphic.

I love classic Harley Quinn. My favorite version of her.

Getting really into using the IPad Pro. Here is a quick morning sketch of a dragon using Procreate.

Just an Apple. Nothing more, continuing to play around with the iPad Pro and while doing so my son asked me to create an apple.

Finally decided to get an iPad Pro for myself. For 2017 I want to get back into doing some sketching and digital painting. Here are some quick sketches with the iPad Pro. Enjoy more to come!

Another quick iPad doodle, this time it is of the Man of Steel

Last night I was having some fun with my iPad and making some doodles and sketches. We have a smokin’ monster and a sophisticated pig. The sophisticated pig is the first concept for a logo I was commissioned to work on so don’t be surprised if you see more pig doodles and sketches in the coming weeks.