Broke out the Wacom tablet and worked up a quick sketch with it. A little rusty but I would really like to get my skills down with the tablet to produce some other amazing digital painting concepts. I would also like to use it for some quick concept art creation.

This is an editorial illustration that was done back in 2002 when an article was published about an inscription in stone found in or near Jerusalem and written in a language and script of 2,000 years ago that bears the word “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.”

I was asked today to dig up some illustration work that I used to do when I was an Art Director in Healthcare. So I found some of my old work and I am putting it here for people to see and I am also updating my professional site with the work as well. I have also dug up some other illustration work (editorial) that I will be scanning and updating so be on the look out.



Pulled out the pen and tablet. I would like to get my skills back up on the tablet. Here is a quick warm up that pays homage to Tex Avery and of course Animaniacs…HELLLOOO NURSE!!!

Playing with my tablet. Going a little more pop art style with this one. Bold line, bold colors….well not too bold but blocked out a little more. Further down you can see the process from sketch, to shading to color overlay to the finished piece

Here is the process that I took to get to the above piece on the tablet:



I am continuing my digital painting techniques and this time, working from a photo still, I let myself be a little more painterly in my technique. Sticking with the pin-up girl style I let myself be more fluid with my brush strokes and make them look a little more like brush strokes than filter effects and harder edged.

A note to the photographer (Peter Coulson) and the original picture I worked off of to create this. This piece and my playing with techniques couldn’t happen without his amazing photograph.

Same image but giving it that old paper feel, like in my previous pin-ups:

I have been in the mood to do some digital painting and play with some techniques again. I think it is the time of year. So why not do some pin-up girl art. Here is a photo I found online and did some techniques in photoshop. The second image is taking the raw photo and actually “painting” the photo. I hope you enjoy and I hope to get more practice under my belt and start sketching some original pieces and uploading them. Enjoy and feedback and comments are always welcome!

A note and shout out to the original photographer: This is not my original photo – just playing around with some techniques here is a link to the original photographer that took the image.


Using some brushes and “painting” as if I was using oils. At the end I overlaid the image on canvas to give it an oil on canvas feel.

I was going good for a while, work and life got busy. I have been sketching in my sweet new moleskin. Yes I did get a new moleskin, like I need another. So I cracked it open and started to draw up some sketches. Here is the first one.

Zombie Boy

Good Morning! Still working on Sleeping Beauty, even though right now I would love to still be asleep myself. Made some headway last night in working on some digital hair. Created some brushes read some interesting articles on photoshop hair creation, some cool things. I find hair a challenge right now. After a few hours of working on the hair last night I think I might have it down. Here is what I have so far, of course not finished at all.

Let me know your feedback! Comments are always welcome!

I did remove the outlines of the facial features and hair to help me try and give a more fluid, organic feel and not constrain myself to the lines.