I was asked today to dig up some illustration work that I used to do when I was an Art Director in Healthcare. So I found some of my old work and I am putting it here for people to see and I am also updating my professional site with the work as well. I have also dug up some other illustration work (editorial) that I will be scanning and updating so be on the look out.



(Tien Zi Que) TZQ Game Company – http://zmangames.com/

Vasilakos Design recently developed a packaging design for Z-Man Games, a publisher of games. The project consists of:

Rulebook – Cards

About the Game:

(Tien Zi Que) TZQ is an entertaining pocket MahJong for two. It uses a unique selection of MahJong tiles and adds new color codes for end of round scoring. All you need is 5 cards in hand and little or no MahJong knowledge to play. After four rounds of play, the player with highest score wins the game.

Sorry I have not posted all week, this past week was my guest artist vist at Voorheesville Central School District. While there I did a workshop on Type with Art. I did some simple tutorials with Photoshop and Illustrator and with the techniques learned I had the classes do two projects.


The first project I did with the students was a Word Exercise (Word Project as I called it), this is a classic typography excercise, this is something I did in College in my first year at Saint Rose in Albany, NY. Students are given a list of words and they need to interpret the meaning of the word by adjusting the spacing, scale, and position of the letters on a page. They were able to repeat, omit, slice, block or overlap words or letters. BUT they had to use the typeface in its true form, they couldn’t add drop shadows, or horizontal/vertical scaling (distortion).

blackcatThe second project I did with the students was a Book Cover redesign, after taking techniques I taught them with the first project and exercises I showed them during class, they had to reinvent and redesign a book they have read while in High School from a list of 9 titles. They would have to take shape and text and create a cover design and not use imagery that they can find just on the internet, they had to think conceptually on this one.

I felt that this was a successful workshop and I would definitely do it again if asked to.


Neuroshima Hex – Duel Expansion Game Company – http://zmangames.com/

Vasilakos Design recently developed a packaging design for Z-Man Games, a publisher of games. The project consists of:

Tiles – Rulebook – Game Board – Tokens

Check out the Core Set: http://alexlikedraw.wpengine.com/?p=97

Check out my online portfolio to see more samples of the work: http://vasilakosdesign.com/

About the Game:

Duel is the second expansion to Neuroshima HEX! The box has the same format as the first expansion. It includes two new armies: Smart and Vegas, and a new board as well.

Both armies are well known to all fans of Neuroshima Role Playing Games. Smart is a part of the Moloch army which mutinied and decided to fight against humans as well as against machines. These is an extremely deadly force. Every ally adjacent to Smart’s HQ has the ability to move. It makes this army very flexible and dangerous.

On the other hand there is Vegas, army of men whose weapon is bribery. They can bribe any enemy unit that is adjacent to Vegas’s HQ to make it attack another unit. If your units attack Vegas HQ, you can not be sure when they will stop attacking Vegas and turn to attack you!

In the box there is a new board as well, with new skills on it, special spaces and new rules.


Neuroshima Hex – Babel 13 Expansion Game Company – http://zmangames.com/

Vasilakos Design recently developed a packaging design for Z-Man Games, a publisher of games. The project consists of:

Tiles – Reference Cards – Rulebook – Game Board – Tokens

Check out the Core Set: http://alexlikedraw.wpengine.com/?p=97

Check out my online portfolio to see more samples of the work: http://vasilakosdesign.com/

About the Game:

Babel 13, an expanded NY military base, has lost contact with its HQ. The lonely defenders must face an enemy they have never seen before: the forces of mutated nature, the Neojungle. The battle for survival begins.

Neuroshima Hex: Babel 13 is the 1st Neuroshima Hex expansion. In this box you’ll find two new, unique armies (heavy armoured forces of New York and the Neojungle full of beasts). Also you’ll get terrain tiles that rebuild and modify the main board allowing players to play different scenarios. Inside the box there is also two players campaign “Babel13” which allow players to play four exciting closely connected scenarios which resolve in deadly final game!


Cleopatra’s Caboose Game Company – http://zmangames.com/

Vasilakos Design recently developed new packaging design for Z-Man Games, a publisher of games. This project consists of:

Rulebook Design – Card Design – Token Design – Player Summary Card Design – Map Design

Check out my online portfolio to see more samples of the work: http://vasilakosdesign.com/

About the Game:

The train game based…in Ancient Egypt?!?

Cleopatra’s Caboose is a train game for 3 to 5 players that’s based in Ancient Egypt. Each turn, players bid for the right to utilize a game designer of their choosing which denotes both the turn order and a special ability that can be used that turn.

Players construct tracks, ship fruits to cities that need them, construct buildings for victory points and to improve a city’s status, and build pyramids to make a city more prestigious. Be careful, though; you have a limited amount of money and actions in which to accomplish your goals! Manage both wisely and become the Emperor of Ancient Egypt!

As a Web Designer and a Project Manager for a web design company I see a lot of mistakes on the web that people make. Let me share with you my 8 deadly web design mistakes that many designers make:

1. Building the website entirely with frames or Flash. This really complicates things and makes the website not user friendly – along with long loading time with Flash. There will be no unique URL to identify every page and some people might not have Flash player installed which can cause more headaches in the long run.

2. Too much animations and graphics. This will slow down the loading time of the website. People have very short tolerance towards websites that load very slowly. This can also be very distracting if things are not organized well – people are looking for information and want it fast and easy to find.

3. No navigation support or user-friendliness. You cannot expect visitors to figure out how to navigate through your site. You may find it easy to navigate, but visitors may not – there should not be instructions on what to do when you get to the site, it should just be natural. This will cause them to abandon your site and visit other websites if they can not understand the workings of your navigation.

4. No standardization. The look and feel should be the same across every page. Style sheets are key in helping with consistency throughout the web – don’t neglect them.

5. All pages should have a way to get back to the home page. People may enter your site through other page other than the home page (portfolio or services pages for example). Its as simple as having ‘home’ on the navigation or a small icon on the upper right hand corner.

6. Not enough or outdated information. Content is king when it comes to online commerce. If you want to do business online, you must have solid content. Also writing for the web is an art – you should consider hiring someone to write the content for your site rather than trying to chop and piece together content from other marketing materials that you already have. A website with outdated content and non-professional content will not attract visitors, and people will not take you seriously. To keep things fresh and alive on your site you should also consider adding a blog of some sorts.

7. You should avoid Horizontal scrolling bar – unless your design concept requires it.

8. Never testing in multiple versions of browsers. Your website may appear fine in Internet Explorer but not on Firefox. Make sure that you spend a little time testing your website for browsers compatibility. For browser statistics check out: http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp

Your website is an asset to you and your business so make sure that you treat it seriously. Your site should be a part of your overall marketing plan – not just something that you have because everyone else does. Spend the time, money and energy in making it one of your best sales tools and marketing pieces.


In Los Angeles, Art That’s Worth the Detour –

Why am I showcasing this article on my blog? Simple – April Greiman. Who is she you ask and why am I happy to showcase her here – she used to be my boss when I took on an internship at her studion in Los Angeles Made in Space.

Her latest work has been talked about in the New York Times.

Check out and read the article

Here is a little about her: (information provided by: http://www.art-directory.info/design/april-greiman-1948/index.shtml)

The graphic designer April Greiman was born in New York in 1948 in New York. She attended both the Allgemeine Kunstgewerbeschule in Basel, Switzerland, and the Kansas City Art Institute before working as a graphic designer in New York while teaching at the Philadelphia College of Art. In 1976 April Greiman moved to California and opened “Made in Space, Inc.”, a graphic design studio, in Los Angeles. April Greiman’s graphic designs unite American Postmodernism with the rational clarity of the Swiss school. Often similar to collages, April Greiman’s works consist in layered lettering and pictures whose constituents seem to hover. With her work, April Greiman exerted a formative influence on the Californian New Wave style. In the 1980s April Greiman was among the very first graphic designers to realize fully the design potential afforded by the new Apple MacIntosh and Quantel Painbox digital technology. Acclaimed as one of the most influential graphic designers using the digital media, April Greiman became head of the design department at the California Institute of the Arts in 1982. In 1990 April Greiman’s book “Hybrid Imagery: The Fusion of Technology and Graphic Design” was published. April Greiman has worked as a designer for the MAK Center for Arts and Architecture in Los Angeles, AOL/Time Warner, Microsoft, the US Postal Service, and the architects Frank O. Gehry, RoTo Architects, and others. April Greiman has received numerous awards and distinctions for her work.