Today is Columbus day and I am having a creative rough start to my day. This weekend I went to Starbucks to get myself a cup of coffee and a pumpkin scone, YUM! So I sat there for a little bit enjoying the two and doodling. I will scan in the other sketches I did while I was there but this is just one of them. On Saturday I did tweet my doodles while I was doing them.

If Wacom got there act together I wouldn’t be scanning these drawings in to my computer. I can not wait for Inkling!

Coffee Shop Doodles Happy Girl

There was a small turnout tonight for the Capital District Drink and Draw, but there was still some sketching and doodling that happened tonight!

I have had a creative block the last few weeks since my last update – the most recent Drink and Draw this weekend helped break that block. Enjoy!

Good Morning Everyone! Last night was my second Capital District Drink and Draw session since I took over the reigns of from the other organizer. We met at Wolfs 1-11 in the game room where I themed the session for drawings about Games and Gaming. Though it ended up becoming a freeform draw fest it still was a great time and a good turnout.

What better thing to draw for a game theme than MEGAMAN!!!

Tonight was the first Drink and Draw of Schenectady NY with me as the organizer. It was a good time and a good turn out for a weekday. We had the meetup at Brown’s Brewer in Troy NY. Tonight I finally finished my moleskin – YIPEE! This is the first sketchbook that I have completed in its entirety and you all have shared in this experience as all the sketches and doodles have been posted on this blog! Thank you for all your support and I will keep up the good work!


Last night I went to my first Capital District Drink and Draw Meetup – it was a good time, I realized how much I miss being near other creatives and just drawing and talking, granted no masterpieces came out of the session but it was a great time. I am excited for the next meetup and looking forward to meeting more people.


Of course I didn’t stop doodling once I got home – the creative juices were just flowing like crazy after leaving the meetup that I just kept doodling.