Saturday. It is a great Fall day outside! I have been playing a lot of classic video games lately so I have been inspired to do some doodling and sketching. I was playing Dragon’s Lair the last two days. So I finally beat the game, I mean I did in the arcade many years ago but finally did it again. So for my victory I have sketched a dragon relaxing to go with the Fall day.

Enjoy and talk to everyone soon!

With all this rain we have been having I was inspired to draw a sea monster. Today is a great Fall-like day. Something about Fall really inspires me. I am not sure what it is, maybe the change of colors and the transition of seasons but it really helps get my creative juices flowing! Welcome Fall!


More thoughts are coming out from my previous sketch of the dragon fighting a warrior. Maybe this children’s book can be the one that I actually finish, I mean two sketches related to it. Wow.


Entering the Think Tank of dead projects and ideas. Decided to sketch out one of my children’s book ideas. What better than to have a warrior fighting a dragon, you can never go wrong with that.


A brand new moleskin – what better way to start the first page with a sketch. I think this moleskin will be the home of the majority of the sketches that you will find on here. Enjoy!