The last few days I have been reading a lot of Fantastic Four – I am starting to use my iPad to read comics. It is great because I don’t have to find space for the comics when I am done reading them, they are conveniently put away on the cloud and accessed with ease whenever I want them. So tonight I figured I do a quick sketch of the Thing. Enjoy!

I was on a role last weekend and early on in the week. Unfortunately I got really busy and swamped between work and other life activities. 🙁 This was the last item that I had in my sketchbook that I didn’t get to scan in and upload. I didn’t ink or marker it up, it was just with pencil. I am hoping things will slow down and I can get back into a groove again.

How can we have a superhero sketch-a-thon without adding some fun in the mix. This one is for my wife who keeps asking for a Harley Quinn sketch from me. I hope you like it!


The second installment of my New York City Comic Con sketch-a-thon. Just two quick marker and pen sketches of Batman. I will of course do more of Batman, my wife is requesting, and has been for years now, for me to draw Harley Quinn. She will be next.

For now enjoy…BATMAN!


I have been in a post apocalyptic mood lately. Been reading a lot of interesting stories – figured I would work out an idea in my head, possible spread for a comic idea. Maybe it will become something or just stay in the Think Tank. Enjoy.


Just a figure study in emotion. Breaking the chains – but of course no chains in the image.


Fooling around with expressions. This is a late post – sorry many errands to do after work. I will try to do more at night so I can post in the morning. Enjoy!

coffeeHere is a great illustrated article about the 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee. As a huge fan of coffee this article is great! Hope you enjoy.