To keep up with my previous post on listing a few things that can make you a successful project manager I am going to highlight on of the items here today:

  • Communicate
  • Organize
  • Solve Problems/Make Decisions
  • Adaptability
  • Build Good Teams

Your team is the success of your project, actually your team is the backbone of your project. Without a team you will not have a successful project. We can’t always choose our team, sometimes we come into a situation where the team is already in place, but you can choose how to manage, develop and get stuff out of them. Really look at how vital your team is to the success of your project and you as a PM. The time you spend with them and the energy you provide them (engaging with them and motivating them) can give you a high level of performance which will produce a quality product.

Some people ask me how you motivate and engage with your team to produce high quality products? Make sure you understand the vision that you are trying to achieve and be able to communicate that clearly to your team. Also make sure you provide the team the expectations you want from them and what the client is looking for. By making sure you are clear and show the ig picture you will only have success. During the project process ask the team how they feel about the project, treat them like people not cogs in a machine. Show them testimonials from the client show them that their contribution matters to the project. Also be a team player – listen to the needs of the team, challenge them, build a sense of trust and stick with them through thick and thin – don’t just abandon your team to do the project be a part of the process.