Ok, some of you have been listening to me the past few days going on and on about getting Cintiq 12WX tablet – to start really working on getting back into my digital arts. The problem I had with it was price and portability, yeah its nice and it has some sweet features but what if I wanted to head to the park and doodle and draw. I would have to lug all this stuff with me, cables, computers and no place to plug the stuff into.

So I thought to myself why not the iPad for doodling and sketching. No thats dumb, no stylus. Well….I was reading a blog the other night and someone showed a drawing taht he did using a stylus. WHAT?! I thought iPad didn’t support a stylus, well they do. Not a fancy one like you would get with a Cintiq tablet but an alright one.

So I decided to visit the Apple store to try and sell myself on an iPad. I played with it, held it and was impressed. But I couldn’t try a stylus, until the manager actually had one in stock for me to try out – well that was great but I couldn’t try it on the Sketchbook Pro App since none of the models had it on them. Well I ended up buying the stylus (only $15.00) figured I would try it on my brothers iPad and see how I liked it. If I didn’t like it I could just give him the stylus.

I feel in love. The above quick doodle was done using the iPad. Yeah, nothing amazing as I was getting used to working with a stylus on the iPad and learning this program. Well I put myself on the waiting list for the next shipments of iPads. When I get mine I will test out even more functions and do some more doodles on the iPad to share.

Enjoy and more to come!