Yesterday I went to the Tim Burton exhibit down at MOMA – excellent exhibit. Very inspiring and very creative. Of course being packed in like sardines was not pleasant and the fact that there was no air circulation did ruin the experience somewhat. But overall I love the exhibit and seeing everything was just awesome. From concept to creation everything was great, even seeing his writings and some of his character descriptions were cool.

Of course on the way there I brought my mini-sketchbook and did a plethora of doodles as they came to me. Enjoy!

This was a strange creature that I would like to develop for a children’s book I am working on, which was inspired by my previous post: Cthulhu wants Starbucks too

Some big angry guy, inspired by the Batman animated series, gotta love those big chin characters.

Don’t even know what was going on in my mind with this one….strange monster with a party hat. Sometimes I wonder about myself.

Can’t go wrong with Titans. NOM NOM NOM!

This was a cool lighthouse in Rhincliff New York near the train station. I would like to go back and take some real life pictures of it. Could be a cool setting for a graphic novel.