I have been writing a lot lately (instead of sketching), bringing back my original children’s book world and really focusing on the smaller shorter stories I wanted to do. The tales of Gaveldor, which are a series of books that are shorter and delve deeper into the world of Gaveldor on a more personal level rather than a grand scale, more about the people and the places in the world.

For those of you that do not know about Gaveldor here is a little taste of the world:

What is Gaveldor?

Gaveldor (gavel-door) is a fictitious fantasy world, intitially created and concieved by me to serve as his home for all his children book settings.

What I am doing is setting the stage for kids and adults to enjoy a fantasy world that can become timeless.

Gaveldor is a place of wonder and utter goodness, a land of magic, mystery and faeries of all kind. This is the land of Gaveldor, a world of heart-stopping beauty and rich history.