So tonight I picked up a Brush Pen. I wanted to work on some pieces down the road and use some ink techniques so I figured a brush pen would be less messy in the long run. I am unsure what I want to do right now but I love the fluidness of a brush and ink. Something about the curve and the line that really make you want to look at the piece of work.

I love gesture drawing / doodling. The act of gesture drawing is doing things in a quick and simple fluid motion to capture the movement within the subject. The subject or object of course might not be moving, but our eyes are in perpetual motion as they scan its visual makeup. The use of long curves cause the eyes to move more slowly on the page, where a short abrupt line moves you through the page faster. We zip right along straight lines and leap from segment to segment when the line changes direction.

Here are two pieces I worked on tonight to get the ink flowing. Enjoy!