In Los Angeles, Art That’s Worth the Detour –

Why am I showcasing this article on my blog? Simple – April Greiman. Who is she you ask and why am I happy to showcase her here – she used to be my boss when I took on an internship at her studion in Los Angeles Made in Space.

Her latest work has been talked about in the New York Times.

Check out and read the article

Here is a little about her:
(information provided by: http://www.art-directory.info/design/april-greiman-1948/index.shtml)

The graphic designer April Greiman was born in New York in 1948 in New York. She attended both the Allgemeine Kunstgewerbeschule in Basel, Switzerland, and the Kansas City Art Institute before working as a graphic designer in New York while teaching at the Philadelphia College of Art. In 1976 April Greiman moved to California and opened “Made in Space, Inc.”, a graphic design studio, in Los Angeles. April Greiman’s graphic designs unite American Postmodernism with the rational clarity of the Swiss school. Often similar to collages, April Greiman’s works consist in layered lettering and pictures whose constituents seem to hover. With her work, April Greiman exerted a formative influence on the Californian New Wave style. In the 1980s April Greiman was among the very first graphic designers to realize fully the design potential afforded by the new Apple MacIntosh and Quantel Painbox digital technology. Acclaimed as one of the most influential graphic designers using the digital media, April Greiman became head of the design department at the California Institute of the Arts in 1982. In 1990 April Greiman’s book “Hybrid Imagery: The Fusion of Technology and Graphic Design” was published. April Greiman has worked as a designer for the MAK Center for Arts and Architecture in Los Angeles, AOL/Time Warner, Microsoft, the US Postal Service, and the architects Frank O. Gehry, RoTo Architects, and others. April Greiman has received numerous awards and distinctions for her work.