I finally had some time to play with my new iPad. Set it all up and picked up Sketchbook Pro so I can start using my iPad as a portable tablet. Below is my first couple of iPad sketches and doodles to get used to the program with the stylus. Overall I am happy with the iPad as a tablet – of course there are some cons in doodling, especially with Sketchbook Pro – it is a little bit of a pain that the menu bar doesn’t stay open if you want it to so you have to click to open the menu bar. Also the limited amounts of undos so be careful. Also the transform feature distorts – forgetting that this is a pixel program not vector based. DOH, my bad.

This was my first real doodle getting used to the stylus on the iPad. nothing to exciting just a test.

Thought I would do another quick piece see how the stylus flows. Be one with the stylus.

Now I started getting a little more serious, working with form and still botherd by the no pressure sensitivity with the pen, that is one benefit I see with a normal tablet.

The image below is my last piece where I took a little more time and started to play with color – started to get really comfortable with the stylus and the iPad and was not hitting the canvas with my hand as much so I didn’t have a lot of random lines around the canvas area – due to the touch technology.