Sorry I have not posted all week, this past week was my guest artist vist at Voorheesville Central School District. While there I did a workshop on Type with Art. I did some simple tutorials with Photoshop and Illustrator and with the techniques learned I had the classes do two projects.


The first project I did with the students was a Word Exercise (Word Project as I called it), this is a classic typography excercise, this is something I did in College in my first year at Saint Rose in Albany, NY. Students are given a list of words and they need to interpret the meaning of the word by adjusting the spacing, scale, and position of the letters on a page. They were able to repeat, omit, slice, block or overlap words or letters. BUT they had to use the typeface in its true form, they couldn’t add drop shadows, or horizontal/vertical scaling (distortion).

blackcatThe second project I did with the students was a Book Cover redesign, after taking techniques I taught them with the first project and exercises I showed them during class, they had to reinvent and redesign a book they have read while in High School from a list of 9 titles. They would have to take shape and text and create a cover design and not use imagery that they can find just on the internet, they had to think conceptually on this one.

I felt that this was a successful workshop and I would definitely do it again if asked to.