Did you know that visitors that come to your website end up forming an instant opinion. They form it about your company and what you are offering. They can’t help themselves, their instant opinion is formed in their subconscious. Why does this happen? This has nothing to do with your content or the imagery that is on your site, even if you spent a great amount of money on your site. 

The color scheme on your web page can tell your visitor different things. A particular color scheme could convey a certain emotion – good feeling, anger, depression. In essence, you might send a sense of trust, warmth and belonging. The following list can give you an idea of the emotions that are associated with colors:


Excitement, energy, danger, love, leadership, sense of power, strength

Comfort, steadfastness, cheerfulness, courage, confidence, playfulness, friendliness 

Curiosity, brightness, organization, intelligence, joy, amusement, caution 

Harmony, nature, money, healing, health, life, food 

Trustworthiness, stability, peace, tranquility, love, acceptance, patience 

Nobility, dignity, independence, royalty, luxury, ambition, wisdom 

Reliability, nature, comfort, tribal, earthiness, durability, primitive 

Sophistication, dramatic, power, formality, style, health, elegance 

Innocence, cleanliness, fresh, goodness, easy, simplicity, purity 

When you decide to design your website, you need to ensure that the color scheme you decide to use is consistent with what you are trying to tell your visitors. The difference between the right and wrong color scheme on your website can mean the difference between someone staying or someone leaving your site right away.