I was going good for a while, work and life got busy. I have been sketching in my sweet new moleskin. Yes I did get a new moleskin, like I need another. So I cracked it open and started to draw up some sketches. Here is the first one.

Zombie Boy

Ok, some of you have been listening to me the past few days going on and on about getting Cintiq 12WX tablet – to start really working on getting back into my digital arts. The problem I had with it was price and portability, yeah its nice and it has some sweet features but what if I wanted to head to the park and doodle and draw. I would have to lug all this stuff with me, cables, computers and no place to plug the stuff into.

So I thought to myself why not the iPad for doodling and sketching. No thats dumb, no stylus. Well….I was reading a blog the other night and someone showed a drawing taht he did using a stylus. WHAT?! I thought iPad didn’t support a stylus, well they do. Not a fancy one like you would get with a Cintiq tablet but an alright one.

So I decided to visit the Apple store to try and sell myself on an iPad. I played with it, held it and was impressed. But I couldn’t try a stylus, until the manager actually had one in stock for me to try out – well that was great but I couldn’t try it on the Sketchbook Pro App since none of the models had it on them. Well I ended up buying the stylus (only $15.00) figured I would try it on my brothers iPad and see how I liked it. If I didn’t like it I could just give him the stylus.

I feel in love. The above quick doodle was done using the iPad. Yeah, nothing amazing as I was getting used to working with a stylus on the iPad and learning this program. Well I put myself on the waiting list for the next shipments of iPads. When I get mine I will test out even more functions and do some more doodles on the iPad to share.

Enjoy and more to come!

Maybe I should have added a teddy bear or a bunny rabbit. I think that would have been a nice touch. Maybe when I colorize it I will add one for kicks. Enjoy!

Who ever said robots can’t be zombies.

Just did some random zombie head studies. I think it is time for me to move on to something other than zombies, but they are fun and easy to doodle.

It’s Friday! Yet another Zombie. I don’t know what it is with me lately with zombie sketches, maybe because they are easy I don’t know but it is getting my creative juices flowing – I mean I did start rolling out my photography work on my photography page.

Feel free to check out my photography work, I do plan to put more up there and get back into doing some real photography.

While waiting for something to load in Dreamweaver today at work I doodled up a zombie. BRAINS!!!!

Not a big fan of this zombie – this is just an alien zombie…..real quick. This is why he is my second image for today, I like the first one better more time while waiting for things to load.


Today I felt like a zombie waking up. Took me too long to claw my way out of bed this morning. But I fell good today, just now having my morning coffee. Enjoy!


It is only Tuesday and this the how I feel so far – maybe things will get better once I get the coffee running through my veins….or maybe the BRAINS!!!!!!!


Yeah work was one of those days today all morning meetings, than lunch and than more meetings, oh yeah and the project management software that we use was inoperable the majority of the day. ARG!! A zombie should have just torn my head off. Tomorrow will be an interesting day, catch up city for sure.

Well I did manage to get you all a sketch before the night was over. Enjoy!