Finally decided to get an iPad Pro for myself. For 2017 I want to get back into doing some sketching and digital painting. Here are some quick sketches with the iPad Pro. Enjoy more to come!

   A morning where there is not enough coffee in the house or the world. 

Could be allergies, or the strange dreams of being chased by zombies and trying to save survivors all night. But here is a quickie this morning. Need coffee.

This morning I did a quick doodle – where I wanted coffee first before brains and doodles.

More doodles from the coffee shop. What would happen if the zombie apocalypse broke out while you were in a coffee shop? These are the things I think of while sipping coffee.

Sketching up some zombies! This is for an old co-worker of mine Sarah – she came into the office one day as patient zero and infected all in the office. This is for her. Sickly Zombie Sarah! Enjoy!

I want to get something out there for the Halloween weekend. This is just one sketch and doodle. Be on the lookout for more stuff this weekend of creepy and scary stuff! Today we have just a quick zombie.

During last nights episode of The Walking Dead, I doodled a few zombies. Nothing too crazy, just standard zombie goodness.

Last night was The Walking Dead Season Premiere, so what better way to celebrate than to sketch a zombie during the show! Here is the final product, I would have sketched more but I got into the show so I stopped drawing, I at least got one out. More to come next week, be sure to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page.