Apple Anyone? Hope everyone got what they wanted from Santa yesterday.

Doodled up some pin up action this morning. Happy Sunday!

I came home today and my wife and child were not home so I started a thread on Facebook that they were abducted by aliens. I than started to doodle and of course my mind went into the direction of alien pin up girls. Maybe I will doodle and sketch more of them. I see a series coming out of this…


Pulled out the pen and tablet. I would like to get my skills back up on the tablet. Here is a quick warm up that pays homage to Tex Avery and of course Animaniacs…HELLLOOO NURSE!!!

I am continuing my digital painting techniques and this time, working from a photo still, I let myself be a little more painterly in my technique. Sticking with the pin-up girl style I let myself be more fluid with my brush strokes and make them look a little more like brush strokes than filter effects and harder edged.

A note to the photographer (Peter Coulson) and the original picture I worked off of to create this. This piece and my playing with techniques couldn’t happen without his amazing photograph.

Same image but giving it that old paper feel, like in my previous pin-ups:

I have been in the mood to do some digital painting and play with some techniques again. I think it is the time of year. So why not do some pin-up girl art. Here is a photo I found online and did some techniques in photoshop. The second image is taking the raw photo and actually “painting” the photo. I hope you enjoy and I hope to get more practice under my belt and start sketching some original pieces and uploading them. Enjoy and feedback and comments are always welcome!

A note and shout out to the original photographer: This is not my original photo – just playing around with some techniques here is a link to the original photographer that took the image.


Using some brushes and “painting” as if I was using oils. At the end I overlaid the image on canvas to give it an oil on canvas feel.

I was playing around with some tutorials today and worked on a tutorial to help create the classic 1950’s pin-up poster style. I am attaching the original piece that I worked off of and the final product. Hope you enjoy, this was fun and I would like to do a lot more with this down the road. Comments are welcome.

This is the original image from istock photo.

After doing a few tutorials this is what the end result was.