Some awesome wicked toy art by digital artist and designer Jason Freeny.

Using the power of his imagination, Freeny creates hypothetical skeleton structures and internal organs of iconic toys.

To see more of Jason’s work, including his digital prints, visit his website.


John Duvengar, he has some amazing illustrations and is a French artists that is living in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Enjoy his work and check out his portfolio! I particularly love the Rare Vintage Bots collection below.

I am going to start posting inspirational work that helps get my creative juices flowing – I am going to start this series with Vincent Hachen, a very talented digital artist and game designer based in Brazil. Check out his portfolio for some inspiration.

Imagine a wee little printer that sits on your desk that brings in snippets of news and fun things everyday! Or a to-do list that prints itself out so that you can just stick it in your journal. Or if you are a crossword fanatic a new crossword that prints out daily!


Meet Little Printer – its like having your own printing press within arms reach. The idea is awesome, I am a traditional print guy at heart and love having something tangible, having Little Printer is like having a mini mailman that delivers some printing goodness right to you and caters to your tastes.


This Little Printer is ready for some pre-orders, check it out at Berg.

While looking for some inspiration I stumbled upon Self Made Hero, an independent graphic novel publishing house that started in 2007, currently they have several Lovercraftian items on the illustration line. Looks like they did a comic adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s novella, Self Made Hero’s website, Culbard certainly captures the story in rich shadows and cool shades.

I am looking forward to getting my copy and checking out the other Lovecraft lines from the company.

A friend of mine Francis Hogan over at Swing Shift Studios was looking for some inspiration and came across my goblin standard bearer sketch and decided to make a 3D rendering of it. Check it out!

artHere are some beautiful digital artwork and illustrations. These are the wonder creations of designers who use their creativity with a different angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference. Some awesome stuff to get the juices flowing. Check it out and Enjoy!

artinspirationMy buddy Juan sent over this link to me – 33 Inspirational Illustrations. Some awesome stuff to get the juices flowing. Check it out and Enjoy!

This sounds like a cool photography Exhibition:

Read More here:

Opening Reception: Saturday July 18 from 6 to 8pm July 16, 2009through August 30, 2009

As a child, I always had trouble falling asleep. Nighttime was when I played out all my stories, in the dark, eyes tracing shapes, once familiar, but no longer recognized without light. Once I grabbed a flashlight, pressed it against my palm to make my skin glow red. I was 8 years old and extraterrestrial. In the large mirror across from my bed, my reflection burned brightly. I was glowing. A midnight inventor. That same flashlight would serve both as protector and accomplice – illuminating the dark recesses of my childhood room and pulling wild performances from my adolescent imagination. I wanted to always see something, even in the darkness.

What I didn’t have then was a way of recording this experience — fast forward to today, and I have the wonderful opportunity of presenting “Afterglow”, an exhibit of photographers creating and documenting light performances seen only by the eye of their camera. Using long exposures and small hand held lights — often just a cheap flashlight – these images have been noting ideas, emotions and sensations that traditional photographs cannot.

These alluring performances can start with the arc of a small light passing through the darkness or a series of momentary brisk swirls and flashes in the night. Ephemeral moments strung together to form a picture, alive only in the mind of the photographer until revealed later, whole, in the completed image. Who can refuse the power of these images? Or not identify with such shimmering, arrested moments. Whether describing the life force of a human body or that of a larger universe, the synapses of the mind, the afterglow of strong emotions, the electric spark jumping between bodies or centuries, these photographs offer up a clear expression of the photographer’s vision – emphasizing the instinctive bond between hand and brain.

The work of these photographers is vital and never still. Their images register something of what human life is and of what human life might be; present fully in every instant of time. The gleaming tracery evokes a gradual recognition of nose, mouth, chin, and neck coalescing into a recognizable form like “man”, or even an individual, like “Christopher”, but this body transcends those familiar, literal forms.  Alfred Stieglitz, a hundred years ago, believed that personality could not be expressed by a face alone. The work in this exhibit agrees; it attempts to further sensitize photography – extending the medium to take in more and more of life’s fleeting glow.

— Melissa Stafford, Curator