bearToday is my 30th birthday! The big 3-0…30 years on this planet…wow! Now what? I plan to do something different this year – I am going to do 30 things during my first year as a 30 year old that are out of my element, or in my element (stuff on the back burner just procrastinating). I am going to make a list of things that I am going to accomplish this year, some are small, some are big but all of them will mean something to me. Why? I have accomplished a lot of things already but I feel like I am losing/missing something as I hit 30. I don’t know why I feel this way maybe its just the number or maybe that I have a bunch of things I still want to accomplish. So I made a decision that I am not going to just lay down and let this year go by like the previous year, I am going to actually do something to get this feeling go away. 

I want to accomplish things and hopefully find something new during this journey. I don’t know what I am going to find during this journey but I have a good feeling about this. Below is a list of 30 things I want to accomplish while I’m 30 years old: 

My List

These are not in any order, I will do them when the time is right. I will try to blog, take pictures and video if necessary. I will not explain why I chose these items on the list as I will explain them after I have accomplished it and blog about it.

To help motivate myself – for every accomplishment I complete I am going to donate $5.00 to some charitable organization (I will decide which one).

  1. Learn Yoga 
  2. Sketch and share my drawings daily on this blog
  3. Get my art into a gallery show
  4. Donate my time to a worthy cause – not just donate money
  5. Take Skiing/Snowboarding seriously – and pick which one I want to do
  6. Finish one of my children’s books – yeah only one of my ideas
  7. Watch the Wizard of Oz and listen to Dark Side of the Moon
  8. Actually take a two week vacation
  9. Stay in a Haunted Hotel
  10. Go to Gettysburg
  11. Buy something I really want and not feel guilty about it
  12. Get back to the gym and run a 7 minute mile
  13. Make the house more Zen – get rid of things I just have but don’t really need
  14. Learn to ballroom dance
  15. Spend a whole day reading a book – I have a pile to get through
  16. Take a mini break all by myself
  17. Go whale watching
  18. Visit the Lincoln Memorial
  19. Host an outdoor BBQ
  20. Have a house warming party
  21. Build and fly a kite
  22. Complete a painting
  23. Learn and Practice Meditation
  24. Watch the Space Shuttle launch
  25. Go to a Drive in movie theater – I believe there is still one around me
  26. Visit a Waterfall 
  27. Get new glasses 
  28. Go see a Broadway play
  29. Go to the driving range and learn golf
  30. Watch Planet Earth on Blu-ray