I have been building the Lego Helicarrier but did not forget to do some sketching either. Here is something quick.  


Even though I am building the Helicarrier I still find some time to doodle and sketch to keep up my finish the moleskin challenge!

I know there is a big difference from the first video to this, we setup the camera on a tripod this time and my son was asleep – also there is a lot of progress the day before I forgot to setup the camera to time-lapse the initial hull creation. Enjoy!

Here is part one of the time-lapse videos. I apologize for the shakiness of the video, trying to assemble a Helicarrier with a 3 year old who is extremely excited makes for some shaky videos.


So my brother bought my son the SHIELD Helicarrier when all he wanted was all the Avenger Legos. So today I started my journey in building and assembling the Helicarrier. 

My wife has been time-lapsing the assembly process so stay tuned on the progress. 

Could be allergies, or the strange dreams of being chased by zombies and trying to save survivors all night. But here is a quickie this morning. Need coffee.


We have had some crazy Fall-like weather here in New York so what better way to celebrate it than with a Halloween Sketch/Doodle of Frankenstein!


Pulled out my moleskin again, life got busy and work got busy so I have not really posted anything since 2013! I am hoping to challenge myself again and finish my moleskin that I started last year. What a good way to start the moleskin by having HULK SMASH the creative block I have been having! Enjoy and more to come!