Superman quick sketch and a brainiac sketch as well on one page. I am looking forward to the new Superman movie, as far as all superheroes my favorite is Superman.

This morning I did a quick doodle – where I wanted coffee first before brains and doodles.

Broke out the Wacom tablet and worked up a quick sketch with it. A little rusty but I would really like to get my skills down with the tablet to produce some other amazing digital painting concepts. I would also like to use it for some quick concept art creation.

I notice whenever I get a creative block I always turn to monsters and zombies. This sketch of the day is inspired by all the H.P. Lovecraft I have been thumbing through lately. I also have been listening to the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast always a pleasure to listen to while doing some art. Since my creative blocks sometimes require me to dig really deep into my thoughts I wonder if this is why I doodle monsters and zombies. I should get back to reality and stay out of that part of my brain I guess…or should I embrace the darkness? I do enjoy drawing monsters though so here we have a slug monster – I might color it somewhere down the road but for now here is the black and white. Enjoy!

Last week I took some time and sat at a coffee shop to relax for a bit. Something I haven’t done in a while, the relaxing part of course. Just me myself and my trusty moleskin, oh and a delicious cup of Starbucks coffee!

Let’s go back in time to the fourth season of Doctor Who and some of my favorite episodes with Tom Baker as the fourth doctor.

More doodles from the coffee shop. What would happen if the zombie apocalypse broke out while you were in a coffee shop? These are the things I think of while sipping coffee.

Sketching up some zombies! This is for an old co-worker of mine Sarah – she came into the office one day as patient zero and infected all in the office. This is for her. Sickly Zombie Sarah! Enjoy!

Did a few quick marker and ink gesture drawing to get me warmed up for the day ahead. I did an old samurai gesture drawing a few months ago and this is the same guy. Check out the original samurai gesture doodle.

Some awesome wicked toy art by digital artist and designer Jason Freeny.

Using the power of his imagination, Freeny creates hypothetical skeleton structures and internal organs of iconic toys.

To see more of Jason’s work, including his digital prints, visit his website.