Don’t ask me why the name of this post is Robot 56 it just came to mind when I saved the file.

Looks like we had snow this morning! Glad I didn’t have to adventure out into it. I am sitting in my office and figured I start some doodles to get me warmed up. Here is a Samurai quickie to get the marker flowing. Enjoy!

Apple Anyone? Hope everyone got what they wanted from Santa yesterday.

In case I do not get to post tomorrow here is Santa with a gift for you! Happy Holidays! May your days be merry and bright. Keep on sketching and doodling!

Getting really close to Christmas I do not think I will make it in terms of finishing this sketchbook. Here is a quick sketch of what I would look like as a robot.

I am painting a giant for my Ogre Kingdoms army and I was inspired to doodle up a two headed ogre. Another sketch down and a little over half way done with this moleskin. Enjoy!

Christmas is coming quick and I am really behind on getting this moleskin filled before then. I do not remember where I was recently but I saw an old school coin operated machine that was out side of a convenient store. Remember those things? The little death traps that your parents would put you in and it would rock back and forth, you would pretend you were a superhero or a firefighter on your way to some great adventure or to save the lives of millions from a burning building. This little contraption got my creative juices flowing and I created my own rocket ship. What are some of your tales of wonder?

I am trying to figure out what I should do for this blog in 2013. This year the blog kind of was just there but I am wondering what to do to market it more and drive more traffic and possibly business. It would be nice if this blog paid for itself and I could do it full time! That would be a nice job. Maybe I should setup a sketch stand outside of the house or near a mall and do sketching for a small few. You get what I doodle and that is it. The doodle below is my first concept for my sketch stand. What are your thoughts on the idea?

I am slacking and I fear that I will not finish this moleskin before Christmas so I can get a new one. I need suggestions and ideas to get my creative juices flowing. Here is an alien studying a star map to Earth, it is not festive but it is something. Maybe he is planning a trip to Earth to find Santa Clause?


It is the Christmas holiday and I told myself that I was going to fill up this moleskin so my wife can buy me a new one for Christmas. This is going to be a daunting task as I only have 21 days until Christmas. Here is a sketch to get me going.