Took a break today to make some turkey soup with the leftover carcass from yesterday. What better than to doodle a robot bird – I know it should be a robot turkey but a bird is easier to do.

Another Black Friday Sketch of the Day. What is he holding off, a dragon? the black knight? a horde of medieval zombies? You decide…

Happy Black Friday everyone! I hope you are full and relaxing rather than battling the crowds at the mall, Target or Walmart. It is disheartening that consumerism has shadowed the holidays. I thought holidays are supposed to be about family, food and doodling. Today I make a pledge to finish this moleskin that is housing a lot of my most recent doodles and sketches. I do this so my wife has something to buy me for Christmas – I love moleskins and never can have enough!

Instead of battling the crowds today I plan to have a plethora of doodles – let’s start with wanting to be an Airborne Ranger. I want to live the life of danger. Finish the lyrics and you get a prize!

Enjoy and Happy Black Friday and post Thanksgiving!

Today on this Thanksgiving Eve I am working from home, which is always a tough task for me but today is nice. I have been listening to The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast all day, so you can technically say I am working with Cthulhu today and enjoying a cup of coffee with him. And yes I think Cthulhu would be a bow tie sort of person when he comes into the office.


Coffee with Cthulhu

Again, a huge delay since my last doodle and sketch I am sorry about that. I feel as though I am letting you all down. I am trying to designate some time to my children’s book and drawing every night but work and real life activities have been taking over. I wish I could hit the lotto and retire and do this full time, that would be something.

We are drawing near to Thanksgiving so I have some time off during this week so maybe I will get in some doodles and sketches that I can share. I was feeling retro again and going back to the 80s Cartoon theme so here we go: She-Ra Princess of Power, if you want to watch the classic episodes check them out on Hulu.

She-Ra, Princess of Power

She-Ra, Princess of Power