This is an editorial illustration that was done back in 2002 when an article was published about an inscription in stone found in or near Jerusalem and written in a language and script of 2,000 years ago that bears the word “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.”

I was asked today to dig up some illustration work that I used to do when I was an Art Director in Healthcare. So I found some of my old work and I am putting it here for people to see and I am also updating my professional site with the work as well. I have also dug up some other illustration work (editorial) that I will be scanning and updating so be on the look out.



Imagine a wee little printer that sits on your desk that brings in snippets of news and fun things everyday! Or a to-do list that prints itself out so that you can just stick it in your journal. Or if you are a crossword fanatic a new crossword that prints out daily!


Meet Little Printer – its like having your own printing press within arms reach. The idea is awesome, I am a traditional print guy at heart and love having something tangible, having Little Printer is like having a mini mailman that delivers some printing goodness right to you and caters to your tastes.


This Little Printer is ready for some pre-orders, check it out at Berg.



Ghost with Shotgun, yes I know I added color and the ghost should be “white” and transparent but I enjoy my markers. 🙂

Been in a random doodle mood this week. Just things that are coming to mind and just throwing them down on paper. No real method to my madness at this point just sketches and doodles to warm up the pencils, pens and markers. Enjoy!

Some Sunday morning Monster Doodles – nothing fancy just a simple quick doodle with a pen.

Monster Doodles and Sketches