Pulled out the pen and tablet. I would like to get my skills back up on the tablet. Here is a quick warm up that pays homage to Tex Avery and of course Animaniacs…HELLLOOO NURSE!!!

I started a new mini-moleskin, the pages are around 3×5. I am trying to figure out how I want to fill this one up so I started the first page with a self portrait. Don’t ask why I look chubby, but I was in the cartoon style mood which for some reason caused me too look more round than usual. Maybe I will call this series the 3×5 project, not sure.

Been watching a lot of science fiction movies lately, and a lot of Dr. Who. So I figured an astronaut is in order…but what is he afraid of? What is stalking him in the depths of space…..

It has been a while since I finally had the creative brain power to get the pen on the paper. Well I had one page left in my moleskin and it was hard to finish it, but I managed. Tomorrow I get to crack open a new moleskin! It always excites me when I get a fresh moleskin. Don’t know what I will plan for with this new one. At least today you get to enjoy the final piece I call Daydreaming.

My favorite part is the hot air ballon in the upper right hand corner. Check out the close up below:

This weekend I was looking for a new iPad game to purchase, I was getting bored playing the same old games over and over again that I had on my iPad. So I found this little gem of a game, highly addictive and got a lot of friends to also purchase the game.

Dungeon Crawlers is a new turn based strategy game from Drowning Monkeys, published by Ayopa games. This takes on the feel of a classic strategy game and for all your gamer nerds gives the feel of an old school Dungeons and Dragons hack-and-slash dungeon crawl adventure.

It is highly enjoyable with great characters and a little humor thrown in the mix. The game is very linear, and for me started out slow. The game does have some nice potential and I can only see it growing in the near future. Be sure to find all the secret levels in an area as they have new weapons and items that can help in your battles.

Pros: Tactical combat is amazing and very simple. Each character you manage during combat plays a vital role and you need to think tactically so that they team works together rather than against each other. The characters level up on their own, which I enjoy and hate tactical games where you have to micro-manage every single aspect of your character.

Cons: The game does crash a lot and I hope it is fixed with a few updates. Combat does move slowly and when you have to watch the enemies turn you want to just shoot yourself in the face, sometimes when there are a lot of enemies you can go make yourself some lunch and come back, I hope they fix this in an update. There is no way to revive a fallen hero in combat, which stinks, you can restart an encounter but when they take a half hour that kind of is annoying.

Overall: I give Dungeon Crawler 9 out of 10. I had a great time playing this game and I see extreme potential with future updates and I highly recommend this to anyone that likes the classic turn based strategy game.

While looking for some inspiration I stumbled upon Self Made Hero, an independent graphic novel publishing house that started in 2007, currently they have several Lovercraftian items on the illustration line. Looks like they did a comic adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s novella, Self Made Hero’s website, Culbard certainly captures the story in rich shadows and cool shades.

I am looking forward to getting my copy and checking out the other Lovecraft lines from the company.