Just some random doodling going on tonight, thinking of Space and wondering if we will ever go back and explore it. Also how sad it is to think that as a kid you always dreamed about going to space and becoming an astronaut and now that dream is gone with the space program down. How exciting it was to explore space. We need to get back there.

So the other day I was introduced to The H.P. Lovercraft Literary Podcast, every week they discuss a specific H.P. Lovercraft story, what it is all about, how it reads and why it may have been written and what works of art might have influenced the piece. So far I am loving it and is getting my juices flowing in a dark and creative way. Also on the site there are full story readings! Sweet. So I figured I would listen to one of them, so I picked The Cats of Ulthar, this is not something you want to listen to when you have three cats who you already think are plotting your doom. So I sketched the image below based on the reading. Enjoy and take the time to look over the site it is awesome!

Happy Black Friday everyone!

I didn’t post anything yesterday as I was stuffing my face with some delicious food and playing Arkham City. I will be doodling throughout the day – I will try to upload as I do sketches, if not I will do a sketch dump tomorrow. Since I am playing a lot of Arkham City right now what better than a Poison Ivy Sketch. Enjoy!

Happy hump day! What better way to celebrate than with The White Queen (Emma Frost) from X-men. Yeah we could all use some White Queen on Wednesday.

Keeping up with the Star Wars theme, what better than some bounty hunter scum and of course the famous Boba Fett. Enjoy!

It was a hectic week last week, busy with work and evenings were full of other activities which left me little time to doodle. Today I finally sat down and did a quick marker sketch. Yesterday I was painting the nursery and was watching Star Wars. So I decided to do a Jawa sketch. UTINNI!


Some more marker goodness. What better than to sketch out the Baroness from G.I. Joe. Enjoy!

I got myself a brand new set of 48 prismacolor markers. So excited! So I got home with them set things up and had a creative block…sigh. I hate when that happens. So I had this urge to watch Empire Strikes Back while watching I started to sketch and doodle the characters from the movie. Here is one, Hoth Leia, colorized of course with my new markers. 🙂