Just wanted to doodle a mischievous cat. All cats are up to something. Happy Halloween!

I have been in the mood to do some digital painting and play with some techniques again. I think it is the time of year. So why not do some pin-up girl art. Here is a photo I found online and did some techniques in photoshop. The second image is taking the raw photo and actually “painting” the photo. I hope you enjoy and I hope to get more practice under my belt and start sketching some original pieces and uploading them. Enjoy and feedback and comments are always welcome!

A note and shout out to the original photographer: This is not my original photo – just playing around with some techniques here is a link to the original photographer that took the image.


Using some brushes and “painting” as if I was using oils. At the end I overlaid the image on canvas to give it an oil on canvas feel.

I want to get something out there for the Halloween weekend. This is just one sketch and doodle. Be on the lookout for more stuff this weekend of creepy and scary stuff! Today we have just a quick zombie.

Just some random stuff. Nothing too exciting. Enjoy!

During last nights episode of The Walking Dead, I doodled a few zombies. Nothing too crazy, just standard zombie goodness.

I was on a role last weekend and early on in the week. Unfortunately I got really busy and swamped between work and other life activities. 🙁 This was the last item that I had in my sketchbook that I didn’t get to scan in and upload. I didn’t ink or marker it up, it was just with pencil. I am hoping things will slow down and I can get back into a groove again.

Last night was The Walking Dead Season Premiere, so what better way to celebrate than to sketch a zombie during the show! Here is the final product, I would have sketched more but I got into the show so I stopped drawing, I at least got one out. More to come next week, be sure to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page.

How can we have a superhero sketch-a-thon without adding some fun in the mix. This one is for my wife who keeps asking for a Harley Quinn sketch from me. I hope you like it!


The second installment of my New York City Comic Con sketch-a-thon. Just two quick marker and pen sketches of Batman. I will of course do more of Batman, my wife is requesting, and has been for years now, for me to draw Harley Quinn. She will be next.

For now enjoy…BATMAN!

I announced earlier this week that this weekend is New York Comic Con and that I will be sketching and doodling superheroes! Some of you requested that I sketch specific characters and I will get to them. But let’s start up with a warm up. What better way to start my Superhero Comic Con Weekend Sketch-aThon than with…..THE TICK!


Of course I learned how to draw the Tick from this amazing How to Draw the Tick panel from an original comic!