This weeks Illustration Friday theme is “Disguise”. I am ahead of the game this week as this topic was easy to think of something. Of course I was torn between doing the obvious superhero sketch or a kid pretending to be a superhero (which I might still do), but what better than the classic cat burgler or bank robber with a mask as a disguise. Classic!

Enjoy and comments are welcome!

This weeks Illustration Friday theme is “Influence”. This is kind of a hard word to illustrate and can become very personal. I have found it difficult for my first Illustration Friday attempt to draw something that fitted the topic this week. I started with several sketches and ideas all over the place. I started to think about the things that have inspired me to become an artist. Then I started thinking about things that influence me to do the things I do. Than I researched the definition and tried to think about the things that influence people for bad and good.

I finally came up with what really helps influence me…Coffee, moleskins and my wild imagination as Cthulhu tries to take my coffee and bring about destruction of the world.

Good Morning! Still working on Sleeping Beauty, even though right now I would love to still be asleep myself. Made some headway last night in working on some digital hair. Created some brushes read some interesting articles on photoshop hair creation, some cool things. I find hair a challenge right now. After a few hours of working on the hair last night I think I might have it down. Here is what I have so far, of course not finished at all.

Let me know your feedback! Comments are always welcome!

I did remove the outlines of the facial features and hair to help me try and give a more fluid, organic feel and not constrain myself to the lines.

I am continuing my latest digital painting project and I went ahead and focused on the background (sky). I decided to create a few of my own brushes for this and play with some of the features of the brush preset to try my best in making clouds in the background.

I wanted to make the sky in this piece just as important as the actual face, I want it to be colorful but also credible. Just remember all that the sky isn’t always blue and clouds are not white, they are yellow, grey, pink, blue anything and everything else but not pure white.

Here is what I have come up with, let me know your thoughts and what you all think.

Hello again – I hope everyone is doing well. I know I have been lacking in updates lately but it is for a good reason. I swear! Instead of having a lot of doodles and scribbles – which I know people love – I am trying to expand my illustration portfolio with some digital artwork. I am currently working on another digital painting piece but this time I am going to work a little more with textures and brushes.

I received some good advice from some people on Forrst, an online community of designers and developers to share ideas and help each other and ask for advice, I recently posted my previous digital painting of January Jones after I touched it up to get some feedback. I am taking the advice and expanding my techniques.

I am working on my next piece called “Sleeping Beauty”. Here are the first few steps as I just started this today. Enjoy and comments are welcome!

Always start with a sketch to get down the composition of the piece – I am working on a 5×7 canvas for this piece (reason to my madness-will explain later):

Once I get the sketch or rough down, I proceed to do a rough grayscale of shadow and tone. On this next step I went a little ahead of myself and started to add color. I am sure I will end up going backwards later to fix the tone of the hair

Now that I blocked out some shadow and tone I go ahead and block out the colors for the skin tone.

This is what I have done so far. I will have more as I progress through this piece. I am excited to see where it takes me, I am kind of going with the flow on this – I do have some thoughts on textures but I want to see where the brush takes me.

Talk to everyone soon!

It has been a while since I have posted anything. I have been writing more than I have been drawing. I recently picked up a few magazines and am getting excited to get back into doing some digital painting again. I pulled up a piece I worked on a few months ago of January Jones and decided to touch it up so that it looks less blurry and a little more crisp. Here is the results:

Here is the new image made crisper:

Here is the original piece and the step-by-step process: