Tonight I continue my speed painting technique. Playing with color, I worked a little on adding color last night after my last post and tonight I got the portrait to where I feel happy with the results.

Step Three: Here is my first attempt of taking the color and overlaying it on top of the shading where I left off yesterday.

After stepping back I realized it looked to dark for my taste, but this was my initial attempt. I was not too fond with the skin tone color, so I adjusted the Curves and added a few other layers of color to help bring out some of the highlights.

Now she started to look like a vampire. The tones were a still a little blotchy for me, but I was getting used to the fact that she won’t be perfect until later. So I had to free myself of trying to perfect this stage of the process and let loose.

I started to really get into it at this point and really bring the flesh to life. You can see more of the details in the face below. The eyes took me a while. I was having trouble getting them proportionately right and trying not to make one larger than the other and not overdoing it with the shading around them. I didn’t want her to look like she had two black eyes or a raccoon mask.

Here is the final result, so far, after countless touch ups and playing with skin tone and highlights.

I learned a lof from this technique and I am excited to work on another project and hope to really refine this new skill set. If anyone has any requests for my next project feel free to comment. Enjoy and happy drawing!

I started really getting into concept art and while researching I kept hearing artist talk about a technique called Speed Painting. So I dug a little deeper and this technique interested me so I figured I try it out. I do not want to say I am an expert at the technique and what I am about to show you is not quick. I am still getting used to the idea and will continue to post progress on the piece below.

I wandered the web to find a model and who better than January Jones.

Step One: I setup my canvas and had the image next to it and I started to outline the image as if I was doing a figure drawing class. Believe it or not this I felt was the hardest part as I tried to make sure I blocked out the image properly and proportionately.

Step Two: As soon as I finished outlining January Jones I started adding depth to the outline through shading. Lines can only give you so much depth and shading can help pop the image off the page.

That is how far I got tonight. I plan to continue with this new technique and try to refine it. It is certainly helping me get more comfortable with the tablet and I am getting more comfortable with the quick keys on the pen and the keyboard again. Just need to really get my brushes in Photoshop more customized to the work I want to be doing.

Please visit again to see more progress throughout the week. Enjoy and talk to everyone soon, as always comments are welcome!

To help get used to the tablet and doing digital art I started an exercise this morning that I am calling speed doodling. Take 5-10 minutes and just take a concept and doodle with different pen tools and work with Sketchbook Pro.

Dusted off the tablet, it has been a long time. Started to play with the tablet again, was inspired the other day and figured I finally lock myself in my room and try to come up with a new project to keep me from losing skill in drawing and doodling. Here is a start, playing around with some marker techniques in Sketchbook Pro. Self Portrait….not a fan of doing them but had no ideas. If you would like to see me doodle or sketch something please comment and maybe something will help spark some creativity back into my tablet. Talk to everyone soon!