I was playing around with some tutorials today and worked on a tutorial to help create the classic 1950’s pin-up poster style. I am attaching the original piece that I worked off of and the final product. Hope you enjoy, this was fun and I would like to do a lot more with this down the road. Comments are welcome.

This is the original image from istock photo.

After doing a few tutorials this is what the end result was.

It has been a while since I updated my sketch blog. Been swamped at work again and getting ready for the wedding. So weekend and time has been tight. Finally sat down to play with my wacom tablet which has been collecting dust. <sad face> I decided to sneak in some quickies. Enjoy!

Picture of me trying to muster the strength to do some doodles before hitting the bed.

I decided to take a small break tonight and play with the tablet some more. Here is a start of a work in progress. I don’t know where it will end up but figured I start the project and go from there. Here are three stages so far.

Stage 1: rough sketch outline of the face

Stage 2: Added some base color, maybe I should of refined the rough a little more before hitting this stage, but what the heck.

Stage 3: Started to go back and really start to refine the sketchy lines and tighten the lines up. Thinking of changing my mind, might decide to do all color and brush work.

Yesterday I finally decided to get myself a wacom tablet to start getting more serious about my illustration and sketches. I only played with the tablet for a little bit yesterday and did some quick sketches to learn with the programs that came with it. This morning though I decided to buy the full version of Sketchbook Pro (the same program I used for my iPad sketches).

There is nothing really refined with any of these sketches, just some roughs as I learn to adapt to the pen and use the tools.

Hope you enjoy! More to come…

A friend of mine Francis Hogan over at Swing Shift Studios was looking for some inspiration and came across my goblin standard bearer sketch and decided to make a 3D rendering of it. Check it out!

Still cranking out some freelance work this week. I figured in between saving of files and exporting files I could do a little doodling. Here is a warm up doodle to get the pen flowing.

Took a quick break to sketch a concept for a secret project I am working on. Might be used in the project might not. But wanted to jot it down anyway.