Good Morning Everyone! Last night was my second Capital District Drink and Draw session since I took over the reigns of from the other organizer. We met at Wolfs 1-11 in the game room where I themed the session for drawings about Games and Gaming. Though it ended up becoming a freeform draw fest it still was a great time and a good turnout.

What better thing to draw for a game theme than MEGAMAN!!!

I have been really busy lately with work and have had little time to get down to doing some sketches and doodles. This weekend though I did do a lot of sketches in my new sketchbook!!! That is right! NEW sketchbook. Well not really new, I have had it for a while just part of my sketchbook collection fetish. The moleskin that started this blog has actually been filled! The big question I ask everyone out there…what do you do with your sketchbooks when you have them filled up? This is my first sketchbook that I have finally filled as I have many sketchbooks with drawings and doodles but not one was ever used fully and filled up.

Please comment and let me know what you do with your sketchbooks when you fill them up…..

Here is a plethora of sketches from this past weekend. Hope you all enjoy!!

See creatures are always fun to sketch. I am still on this ocean monster kick lately. I don’t know why something about the deep ocean and dark ancient beasts that lie in the waters.

One-eyed telepathic fish and some strange robot and a test tube.

Greek Mythology’s Cyclops…

Tonight was the first Drink and Draw of Schenectady NY with me as the organizer. It was a good time and a good turn out for a weekday. We had the meetup at Brown’s Brewer in Troy NY. Tonight I finally finished my moleskin – YIPEE! This is the first sketchbook that I have completed in its entirety and you all have shared in this experience as all the sketches and doodles have been posted on this blog! Thank you for all your support and I will keep up the good work!

I am getting excited for the upcoming Drink and Draw that is being held this week! There is a big turn out and should be a blast! Lately I have been doing a lot of doodles and sketches on the iPad I figured I get back to my old roots and bring back the moleskin. I am on the last few pages (literally 3 left) of this moleskin and I need to crack open a new sketchbook soon. What better way to get back into doodling than with robots, I haven’t drawn a robot in a while.

More Cthulhu imagery – this was something I was thinking about a primordial gate opening up.


Finally getting back and settled from my trip to Nantucket this past weekend for my birthday. While on the ferry to Nantucket I attempted to doodle – learned something about the iPad on a boat. Not that great of a tablet. Better to stick on land with it.

Of course I would draw myself a sea monster. Thank goodness that I didn’t see any in the horizon or near the ferry.

Yeah – very bumpy ride…

Of course…I was reading H.P. Lovercraft while traveling on the ferry….kind of freaked me out.

(Tien Zi Que) TZQ Game Company –

Vasilakos Design recently developed a packaging design for Z-Man Games, a publisher of games. The project consists of:

Rulebook – Cards

About the Game:

(Tien Zi Que) TZQ is an entertaining pocket MahJong for two. It uses a unique selection of MahJong tiles and adds new color codes for end of round scoring. All you need is 5 cards in hand and little or no MahJong knowledge to play. After four rounds of play, the player with highest score wins the game.

Just some quick doodles playing some different brushes and just doing quick sketches. enjoy!

What better way to start a Sunday than to doodle Dracula. Yeah something quick and rough on the iPad. nothing to fancy. Been thinking more about my children’s books lately so I think I am going to start doing some concept art for them very soon.

Started with just a sketch than added color below.

I am still going strong with the iPad and using it as a sketch tablet. I am still enjoying it and learning to get really comfortable with it. I still have some beefs with the program which I hope they will fix. The transform tool is not that great so it is a real pain to rotate items that are imported in and it automatically sets the piece so if you rotate the layer it will crop.

Just doing some comic style figure studies. Doing quick studies is not that bad with the iPad.