Happy Monday everyone! Here are some more modern Red Sonja. Just some really quick poses with the sword nothing too detailed, just wanted to throw something on paper while I was still on a roll with this idea. Hope you all enjoy!


I have been catching up on my Red Sonja comics. So I figured I would sketch out a modern day female version of her, well kid of – I mean she is more innocent in this sketch than in the comics. This could be her early years after her first kill, or maybe I can turn her into a werewolf hunter, I mean the full moon is in a few days and I will need some protection. I hope you enjoy!


I bought a new moleskin since my other one is close to being full with doodles and sketches. I didn’t know what I was going to do with this one though, I didn’t know if I was just going to do quick doodles or actually start using it for something more interesting. Well I thought about it and I think I want to do a full spread sketch in this one. I also want to utilize the whole space be it very little white space that interacts with the images or go all out no white space, that will be exciting.

I found doing this piece above very therapeutic and relaxing. This sketch really calmed me down while doing it – you are probably saying wow your insane for doing all those clouds but once I started the pen just flowed. Enjoy and more to come from this new moleskin.


Got thinking – how does the headless horseman drink…….



I picked up a new pencil and some new pens this weekend and I finally decided to break them in. Nothing to exciting as my creative juices have been tapped for this evening. I will play more with my new pens and pencil tomorrow, maybe something exciting will come out of them. Right now all I can think of is going to bed. Enjoy and talk to you soon!


Last night I went to my first Capital District Drink and Draw Meetup – it was a good time, I realized how much I miss being near other creatives and just drawing and talking, granted no masterpieces came out of the session but it was a great time. I am excited for the next meetup and looking forward to meeting more people.


Of course I didn’t stop doodling once I got home – the creative juices were just flowing like crazy after leaving the meetup that I just kept doodling.



It has been a while since I have done life drawing, been trying to find local colleges that still do open life drawing nights but no luck so far. So what better place than to head over to your local coffee shop and sketch random people. Seems creepy but I really wanted to get back into the figure drawing again.

portrait-quickSomething quick – another idea for my portrait series. “Who is following me?”