I think it happened again last night – I think I was abducted by aliens. I was being dragged out of my home after hearing a noise last night, thinking it was those meddling cats than next thing I knew I was paralyzed and I couldn’t scream but was being dragged down the stairs….well more like floating down the stairs…Next thing I know I was surrounded by these strange figures trying to yell. Either I need to stop eating spicy food at night or just accepting the abductions.


Something quick this morning – today is a nice and snowy day what better than to have a viking. Well I will be back later right now I am heading out to get some coffee and breakfast, had way to many drinks last night I now need food.


I don’t know what else to call this, since I plan to take these sketches and develop paintings out of them. I have created 20 boxes where I am going to sketch in my three favorite things, Zombies, Robots and Girls. What else can you ask for. This is a sketch in progress, I will continue to add to these boxes in the next couple of days and see what comes out of it all. When I take the next step into painting them I will also show the process of painting them and the finish piece of course. I hope you all enjoy and feel free to comment.


I do not know what it is lately but I have had this creativity blockage. It is killing me, can’t get the pen and pencil to work with my creativity as of lately. I don’t know what it is. I wonder if I need to take a long weekend to recharge my creative juices. This is really bothering me as of late, this creative block has been going on for longer than I usually would. The doodle above is the only thing that can come out of my pen and marker tonight – the creativity thief. He comes in the night and during the day when you least suspect it and steals are your creative juices and uses it for his own purposes to feed off and do as he pleases. I hope that one day I can catch him so that I can get back to normal.


I am just having an explosion of ideas and sketches today….I wonder what they put in my coffee this morning. I wonder….whatever they did I want more! I hope you are all enjoying this creativity explosion that is happening. Maybe it is the sun – the power of the sun might be helping as well. It is nice to see it once and a while.


Before I get accused of slacking off with the sketch portion of the blog…here is a doodle from this morning. This was from earlier this morning, I am not fully awake, woke up with a headache and at this time I need some delicious coffee to jump start those creative juices for the day. I am excited as I have a lot of ideas that I have been getting down on paper.


Here is a second sketch for the day – yup….I need coffee. Going to go get some.


I’ve been yet again terribly remiss with my sketch of the day blogging. So this weekend I have been sketching up a storm in hopes to get in the groove. This is something I did Thursday while watching the Winter Olympics. A different take on beauty and the beast.


I have been in a post apocalyptic mood lately. Been reading a lot of interesting stories – figured I would work out an idea in my head, possible spread for a comic idea. Maybe it will become something or just stay in the Think Tank. Enjoy.


A special valentine’s day sketch for everyone to enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Sorry I have not posted all week, this past week was my guest artist vist at Voorheesville Central School District. While there I did a workshop on Type with Art. I did some simple tutorials with Photoshop and Illustrator and with the techniques learned I had the classes do two projects.


The first project I did with the students was a Word Exercise (Word Project as I called it), this is a classic typography excercise, this is something I did in College in my first year at Saint Rose in Albany, NY. Students are given a list of words and they need to interpret the meaning of the word by adjusting the spacing, scale, and position of the letters on a page. They were able to repeat, omit, slice, block or overlap words or letters. BUT they had to use the typeface in its true form, they couldn’t add drop shadows, or horizontal/vertical scaling (distortion).

blackcatThe second project I did with the students was a Book Cover redesign, after taking techniques I taught them with the first project and exercises I showed them during class, they had to reinvent and redesign a book they have read while in High School from a list of 9 titles. They would have to take shape and text and create a cover design and not use imagery that they can find just on the internet, they had to think conceptually on this one.

I felt that this was a successful workshop and I would definitely do it again if asked to.