I am on a space kick and sci-fi kick at the moment. I am looking to revisit another one of my projects that ended up going into the Think Tank a while back. Saw some notes I had so I figured I sketch some thoughts and ideas out. Here are some robot ideas, nothing specific just doodles.


I am tired tonight – this is a bad scan…it has been a long week thank god it is Friday tomorrow. At least I got the sketch out before it was too late tonight. I think I am heading to bed soon I am crashing….


More thoughts are coming out from my previous sketch of the dragon fighting a warrior. Maybe this children’s book can be the one that I actually finish, I mean two sketches related to it. Wow.


Entering the Think Tank of dead projects and ideas. Decided to sketch out one of my children’s book ideas. What better than to have a warrior fighting a dragon, you can never go wrong with that.


Yes I am still waiting for those files to download. More sketches and doodles. I think I need to go buy the Pinocchio DVD so I can watch it. I don’t know what the urge is to doodle pinocchio tonight.


Something quick while I wait for a 1.2 Gig file to download. Maybe I can get a few more sketches and doodles in tonight while I wait. Got a lot of work to do tonight so it will be a long one.


Waiting for sleeping beauty to wake up so I can go get breakfast. I am starving this morning, I hate waking up in the morning and starving. In the meantime, why not sketch


Quick head study sketches. Just want to get back in the groove of facial proportions and angles. Always fun.