This is a character I might like to one day develop into something. His name is Stitch Face. I also came up with his female counterpart.


Sorry I missed yesterdays Sketch – that just means you will get two tonight. Last night I took too much NyQuil and couldn’t muster the strength to make it to the computer – today I am at the computer so the next sketch will be interesting as the NyQuil travels through my system. NOM NOM!!


I miss doing life drawing, I have not done life drawing since a year after college. Maybe I should find out if there are any local classes or workshops – get my skills back up to par. With my luck I probably have forgotten all my skills in it.


A brand new moleskin – what better way to start the first page with a sketch. I think this moleskin will be the home of the majority of the sketches that you will find on here. Enjoy!


Happy Thanksgiving to all! Be safe, eat plenty and be thankful!

brynThe Sketch that started it all…well not really, not for my Sketch of the Day concept. This sketch I felt was the most appropriate for the first post as this character sketch was a catalyst for my children’s book series, that is of course still in development.

Here name is Lady Bryn Gloriana is the main character of the first book in the Gaveldor series. She is the Princess of Astica, a very wealthy and politically powerful nation. She is the only child, with this comes the burden that one day she will rule this great nation. Of course this burden is to come sooner than later. Her father has been stricken with “The Sickness” a plague that has been going around and is a slow and painful death. Bryn’s mother passed early on in her life, she remembers very little about her other than she was a kind gentle woman and would do anything to help others. Since “The Sickness” would last for some time, he figured it would keep him alive long enough to let his daughter experience life and travel and do what she wants, but unfortunatly this is not the case. He has very little time, to secure a great life for his daughter and to know that she is in good hands and taken care of he needs to make a political marriage; that would mean on her next birthday he would arrange everything. But he knows that she wants nothing to do with this idea because on her next birthday she will only be twelve…


I was going to start tomorrow for the first sketch – but I just got the new scanner and wanted to test it. Enjoy!

medrawingWhat I am about to do is going to be madness.  A sketch every single day for a year?  Not that sketching itself is hard – I love to sketch and doodle I do it all the time.  I mean, if I have a pen or a pencil in my hand I just doodle.  The drawing and sketching is the easy part.  The daily commitment of it though?  That will be the test for me.  I’m not one to tote a sketchbook around and draw anywhere and everything I see – at parties, cafes, bookstores, etc.  I rarely even draw just sitting around the house – of course, this could be that if I have time and the creative juices are flowing, I usually apply that energy to other things in my life.  I’m just not a casual sketcher.  But maybe, just maybe, this challenge can, no wait, will prove me wrong.
Let the challenge (madness) begin…

coffeeHere is a great illustrated article about the 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee. As a huge fan of coffee this article is great! Hope you enjoy.