artHere are some beautiful digital artwork and illustrations. These are the wonder creations of designers who use their creativity with a different angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference. Some awesome stuff to get the juices flowing. Check it out and Enjoy!


Neuroshima Hex – Babel 13 Expansion Game Company –

Vasilakos Design recently developed a packaging design for Z-Man Games, a publisher of games. The project consists of:

Tiles – Reference Cards – Rulebook – Game Board – Tokens

Check out the Core Set:

Check out my online portfolio to see more samples of the work:

About the Game:

Babel 13, an expanded NY military base, has lost contact with its HQ. The lonely defenders must face an enemy they have never seen before: the forces of mutated nature, the Neojungle. The battle for survival begins.

Neuroshima Hex: Babel 13 is the 1st Neuroshima Hex expansion. In this box you’ll find two new, unique armies (heavy armoured forces of New York and the Neojungle full of beasts). Also you’ll get terrain tiles that rebuild and modify the main board allowing players to play different scenarios. Inside the box there is also two players campaign “Babel13” which allow players to play four exciting closely connected scenarios which resolve in deadly final game!

Hello Everyone – I have returned from a well needed two week vacation. It felt good to finalyl relax and recharge my batteries. Now back to the grind. I have some new ideas and new art that I will be sharing in the coming weeks, some concepts for photography projects and other designs that I plan to share with everyone. Hope everyone is well – talk to you soon!